Why work at Ampath

Why work at Ampath

Why work at ampath

The people who become part of our family are those individuals who have got the energy, experience and enthusiasm to provide the best service to our patients and customers. As we continue to grow, we look for employees who are driven, have the right skills and are dedicated to continue the level of service we provide.

Our people

What makes us different is our diversity. Our talented people are the foundation of our success. Whatever their style, beliefs. We welcome employees who have a passion for their work and have a high level of commitment to the growth of the business through services excellence.

Rewards and recognition

We pride ourselves in showing appreciation by recognising outstanding achievements, performance excellence, commitment and loyalty.

Our competitive salaries, unique benefits, healthy work-life balance, and much more, allow employees to focus on the job at hand and keep them smiling every day.

Employee wellness

Ampath recognises the impact that the wellness of its employees has on the organisation's effectiveness and therefore invested in an Employee Wellbeing Programme. The main aim of the programme is to enchance the health and wellness of Ampath employees, by supporting them with the necessary interventions and self-management tools to better manage their lifestyles and to make informed decisions regarding their health.

The programme aims to inform, empower and provide employees with the skills to take ownership of their wellbeing.