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HIV Pretest Counceling:

1. Counseling by document

Counseling by document is worldwide accepted as an effective way of pre-test counseling for HIV testing.  The ASISA pre-test counseling document is available from the ASISA website (www.asisa.org.za) in the 11 official languages.  This document should be presented to all clients presenting for HIV testing as this is part of the information consent required to  the test.

2. Individual pre-test counseling

This service is available through the laboratories in the bigger centers by appointment only. The service is offered during office hours in English and is provided by trained HIV counselors. Further information is available through the laboratory staff or on the ASISA  website. 

3. Telephonic personal pre-test counseling

This service is available in the 11 official languages and is provided by trained HIV counselors between 07h00 and 19h00.  The toll free number is 0800 562 562.  Clients are requested to supply the insurance company’s name and their policy or quote number when  making use of this system.

Short Medical Exams – Please note this is done on appointment basis

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