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HIV Informed Consent

The purpose of the HIV Testing Protocol is to ensure that the life industry follows the highest standards in all aspects of HIV screening of applicants for life insurance. This Code applies to all HIV tests performed by ASISA member offices. It addresses issues such as identification, confidentiality, informed consent, pre- and post-test counselling, transmission of test results and accreditation of test kits and laboratories.

The aims of the ASISA Protocol remain as follows:
  1. The use of quality tests by accredited laboratories
  2. The elimination of false positive results
  3. The restriction of false negative results to an absolute minimum
  4. The strict identification of the person whose blood has been taken
  5. Maintenance of confidentiality of results
  6. That the insurance industry is only involved in screening for HIV in order to determine the insurability of an applicant
  7. To ensure that proper steps are taken to identify and treat appropriately participants in vaccine trials

Click here for summary of ASISA HIV protocol.