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08 January 2018


South Africa is currently experiencing a large outbreak of Listeriosis affecting patients of all ages with a high case fatality rate. Detailed information regarding the outbreak, including clinical listeriosis management guidelines, has been provided by the NICD. Regular situation updates are also published.

Kindly refer the following links to access these:




South Africa is currently in the peak of its malaria season. A high number of cases are currently being seen in Mpumalanga, Limpopo, including the Kruger National Park and surrounding countries, especially Mozambique. Many cases have been misdiagnosed and several cases of severe malaria and deaths have been reported.

Clinicians should suspect malaria in any person resident in, or with recent travel to, a malaria area presenting with fever, flu-like symptoms, malaise, jaundice or CNS symptoms. These patients must have blood collected for urgent malaria testing. Unexplained thrombocytopaenia may be a clue and malaria testing should be requested. Negative laboratory results must be repeated to exclude malaria as the cause. Kindly refer the following links to access detailed malaria information provided by the NICD: